Mohammadreza Chamanbaz — Research — R-RoMulOC

Randomized and Robust Multi-Objective Control toolbox (R-RoMulOC)

This toolbox is a joint effort to merge two toolboxes. Namely, Randomized Algorithms Control Toolbox (RACT) and Robust Multi-Objective Control toolbox RoMulOC. The toolbox provides a very handy way of formulating various uncertain control problems. The formulated problem can be solved using deterministic as well as randomized algorithms. Please see the main page of the toolbox for more information and download.

This work is done in collaboration with Dr. Dimitri Peaucelle, Prof. Roberto Tempo and Dr. Fabrizio Dabbene.


  • M. Chamanbaz, F. Dabbene, D. Peaucelle, C. Pittet, R. Tempo, “Randomized and Robust Methods for Uncertain Systems Using R-RoMulOC, with Applications to DEMETER Satellite Benchmark”, Aerospace Lab, Issue 13 , November 2017, https:doi.org10.127622017.AL13-04.

  • M. Chamanbaz, F. Dabbene, D. Peaucelle and R. Tempo, “R-Romuloc: A unified tool for randomized and robust multiobjective control”, in Proc. 8th IFAC symposium on Robust Control Design, 2015, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Pages 144-149, DOI, PDF.